Run Faster, Run Smarter

   As most people at one point or another in their lives have had the unpleasant experience of having to go for a run, most can testify to the discomfort experienced that would make anyone think twice about doing it again. However, for those who do find a certain enjoyment from the sport science is now saying that it is  a case of mind over matter instead of strictly physical. Writers over at  Scientific American  are now reading into studies that claim the benefits a runner can yield from a positive mental state to overall improve their performance. The article listed five key steps in order to improve performance which were setting a goal, learning to deal with pain, getting competitive, talking to yourself, and picturing it. All these require a mental aspect that can help aid a runner when his body is on the brink of giving out.

Dealing with pain, talking to yourself, and picturing it all require that a runner look inside them self rather than focusing on what they’re feeling or how much of a race is left. It’s that mental strength that helps push them beyond that which otherwise would’ve been their “wall”, or point of giving up. Setting a goal and getting competitive are more organizational skills are require that a runner always keep in mind what their purpose is and that there is always someone to beat.I found this article to be interesting because even in a sport that is so involved with physicality,running requires an even greater deal of mental strength. Even the most athletic runners can be beaten out  by the runner with a stronger mentality on any given day. Using these skills can help elevate anyone’s performance from the most skilled runner, to the runner just looking to cross the finish line.