Telekinesis and Mind Control

   The 2011 release of the movie Limitless stars a struggling writer, portrayed by actor Bradley Cooper, as his life is completely changed with the help of a powerful new class of psychotropic medication known as NZT 48. For those that haven’t seen the film I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that it left all of those watching wishing they could obtain some type of NZT 48 in their lives. Through the mind of Dr. Michio Kaku this, and a plethora of other unlocked neuroscientific possibilities, can achieved sooner than expected.  In his book The Future of the Mind Dr. Kaku challenges the reader’s sense of curiosity by questioning the essence of mind over matter and challenging our current understanding of science with questions unaccounted by science.

Dr. Kaku is a futurist, theoretical physicist and overall man of science. Making his presence known across a large array of multimedia outlets such as radio, television, and literature, he is a commonly accepted popularizer of science. In helping to raise awareness for fundamental questions about the universe Dr. Kaku stakes his claims for the direction he feels humanity is headed towards based on our current scientific developments and processes. His most recent contribution to the field of science is the release of his book The Future of the Mind where he attempts to answer the questions long sought after by philosopher and scientists alike, with the help of neuroscience of course. In this strange blend of extrospection and scientific inquiry Dr. Kaku pools his information gathered from a variety of scientific aficionados around the world to make his predictions on what he feels the human brain will be capable of in the near future. Some of which include real world interpretations of mind control, telekinesis, and even memory implantation? Delusional as it may seem, Dr. Kaku ensures that the reader is at least partially informed on the mechanisms that he believe will one day bring us to this peak of real life science fiction.

From here he unleashes the shackles of close mindedness and proceeds to take the reader on a journey of sorts, explaining the potential long term implications of the technology we currently possess. His research mainly deals with information surrounding consciousness and other aspects of the unused mind, an article discussing these same concepts can be found here. Ultimate his research speculates on large areas of science, leaving it up to the reader to decide for themselves what’s possible and what’s not. So go out there and give it a read! Make sure to do as science does and share your ideas and maybe one day we’ll get to use telekinesis or the “force” for all the Star Wars fans out there.

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